Some weekend reading, and an update on my Altria write up

I thought everyone would enjoy these three articles to read over the weekend.

Warren Buffet’s Winning Ways 50 Years On.

See highlights of this article below:

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Warren Buffett doesn’t usually make market predictions, but in an early July letter to shareholders, the legendary investor offered insights to help them through a treacherous stretch for stocks.

“I think you can be quite sure that over the next ten years there are going to be a few years when the general market is plus 20% or 25%, a few when it is minus on the same order, and a majority when it is in between,” Buffett wrote. “I haven’t any notion as to the sequence in which these will occur, nor do I think it is of any great importance for the long-term investor.”


Klarman Vs Tilson

This is The Trait That Makes Seth Klarman One of The Greats of Hedge Fund Management

I have finished my Altria write-up this morning and I now just need to edit it before posting it by the latest Monday morning.  Originally I wanted it to be just a mini write-up on my thoughts then vs now, but it turned into a full-fledged article which is why it has taken so long.  I hope it is something that you enjoy and can learn from.