Free Books, How to Absorb Knowledge, Future of Education, and a Microsoft Sony merger?


Free books

Here is a link for some more free books from Csinvesting.  Thanks again John and the anonymous contributor.

How to Absorb Knowledge

This article gives you a technique that a study shows, will help you remember what you have just learned.

Future of Education?

This is an amazing article that could help kids, especially from poor families, gain a proper education.  Rocketship Discovery Prep is a charter school who has been having some amazing results teaching kids so far how to become better in math and reading.

This is the kind of thing that we need more in this country.  We need school vouchers and school choice for families, especially if they live in terrible neighborhoods, and we need to worry less about the teachers unions and politicians that are controlling education now.

Microsoft Sony merger?

This article speculates that Sony and Microsoft could be working on some kind of collaboration for gaming in the future.  This is something I think could be beneficial for both of the companies in the upcoming console generation.  Too bad it is most likely not true.

Gist of this article:

I\’m very skeptical when it comes to rumors from unreputable sources and the whole \”I know somebody who knows somebody,\” kind of thing. And yet I recently heard tidings that were intriguing, if somewhat open-ended. I feel I should report it on the off chance that it leads to something. Then you could say you heard it here first. You can help me make heads or tails of it, but I think the bottom line was: Microsoft and Sony are in talks together. Where that will lead, we do not know.

First I will say that this source has been reputable for us in the past.  He let us know about the depth of the Nintendo Network and Nintendo\’s social/online plans months before E3. He told us about the Wii U\’s trademark issues for the letter U and we reported it one month before it became public knowledge. He told us about that he saw black casings for the Wii U back when everyone only had seen the white version. And he told at the same time about the Wii U\’s clickable analogue sticks. He also told us about a game that sounded close to the final reveal of NintendoLand.

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