How to get a job at Omega Advisors, Bill Gross’s opinion on the US economy, and a roundup of some of the best links of the past few weeks

Leon Cooperman on how to get a job at his Omega Advisors

Leon Cooperman on How to Get a Job at Omega. Cooperman talks about his early years growing up as a poor child in the Bronx. He talks about his team at Omega. He then discusses what helps land a job at Omega Advisors

This first link is a 3-minute interview with Leon Cooperman and what he looks for when hiring at his hedge fund Omega Advisors.  Looks like I fit his 3 criteria for being considered for employment at OA.

I had learned a lot from this interview and hope you do likewise as you find time looking at his video. Click the link above.


Bill Gross on the US economy

Bill Gross runs PIMCO, the world’s largest mutual fund company.  In the article, he gives reasons and his opinions on why he thinks the US economy is headed for another recession.

Roundup of the best articles from the past few weeks by the CFA Institute

There are some interesting articles on the, s site.  Here are some of my favorites:

Hope you enjoy.