Announcing The New Value Investing Journey Blog. Another Big Announcement Tomorrow.

Welcome to the new Value Investing Journey Blog, the same as the old blog for the most part but in order to sell things, like my upcoming book, I had to switch over to a self hosted WordPress site instead of the free WordPress blog that I was using.

I have also added some advertising to help pay for the cost of this site and added a donate button which I will talk about in my post tomorrow.  I have made the advertising as obvious as possible so that you can avoid it if you do not want to click on it.  If you would like to buy some of the products I am advertising you can click on the links and everything you buy though the advertising links on this blog will help to fund this new site and would be very much appreciated.  I have also added an Amazon widget with my value investing and related book recommendations and if you decide to buy anything through that you will also be helping to fund this new site as well and again it will be very much appreciated.

I have a big announcement tomorrow as I will be announcing the title of the upcoming book, describe what I will talk about and teach in it, the date I have planned to release, and I will start taking “preorders” for it as well.

Please follow this new blog because the people who were following the old one do not seem to have transferred to this one.  Also make sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for all future updates about the book and all future postings from this blog as well.

Also would you please let me know if there is anything that is not working or anything that I could do to improve this new site.  I know next to nothing about running my own site, coding, or how to make this site run as efficiently as possible so if the site is running slowly or you think there is anything you think I could improve on please let me know.