Help Me Pick The Cover Of My Upcoming Book How To Value Invest

Below is a link to a poll where you the readers will decide which design should be the cover of my upcoming book How To Value Invest: How I Taught Myself To Become An Excellent Value Investor and How You Can Too.

Your votes at the above link will decide the winner of this contest so vote for your favorite and please share with others as well.  The only way I will decide who wins the contest is if there are covers that are very close in the final vote tally.  The covers are absolutely amazing and are far better than I imagined they could be.  If you need something designed I highly recommend using where this contest was held and there are apparently a lot of very talented designers.

I hope you all like the covers as much as I do.  It is still very surreal to see my name, book title, and picture on the cover of a book.  It is also very exciting because we are creeping ever closer to the release of the book that I am so excited to share with you all and now that we are getting closer to the release I will start sharing more information with you all soon.