One Week From Release of How To Value Invest, Advance Copies Sent Out, Smashwords Update, Paperback Proof Copies

One week from release of How To Value Invest I wanted to share some quick updates with everyone.

Advance Copies

I have sent out the advance copies of the book to around 130 people whom I respect and admire to hear your thoughts and feedback.  I mainly sent the advance copies to other value bloggers, value investors, investment firms, media members, and people who Tweeted me about wanting an advance copy of the book.  If you fall into one of those categories than you might want to check your email (Maybe the spam folder as well) for a copy of the book.  If you did not receive a copy I am sorry but I had to limit the amount sent out and hope you enjoy the book once it comes out next Wednesday September 4th.

Smashwords Update

For those of you out there who like to buy things from Smashwords, the Apple Ibook store, Barnes & Noble, Nook, and a few others I am sorry but if you want to read How To Value Invest you will have to either use Kindle or a PDF reader.  I found out yesterday when submitting the book to Smashwords for approval that it does not accept tables in the formatting of the book so the book will not be released on Smashwords or its affiliates because I would literally have to rework the entire book.  Please email me if you use one of those services and cannot get Kindle or a PDF reader of some kind so we can work out another way to get you the book.

Paperback Proof Copy

Yesterday I received the paperback proof copy of How To Value Invest from Amazon affiliate Createspace with pictures below.  It is very surreal to see the book in person finally and I am so excited to share it with everyone next week and hope you all like it.

20130827_143640 20130827_143648