Excellent Links From When I Was Writing How To Value Invest Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I posted links about how Whopper Investments got into the Value Investors Club, Berkshire Hathaway, Moats, a fantastic new blog, and other links with excellent information.

Part 2 will contain a gold mine of information about and from Sanjay Bakshi (The Fundoo Professor), how to value gold mining companies, How Zynga went from a powerhouse to a has been, free Wharton Business School classes, and much more.

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 1

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 2

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 3

Value Investing The Sanjay Bakshi Way Part 4

A list of nearly 50 articles, talks, and interviews from and about Sanjay Bakshi.

http://www.safalniveshak.com/  The entire blog is amazing and highly recommend that everyone goes back and looks through the whole blog.

The treasure trove of information above I got from John over at Shadowstock and is why it took me a little while longer than I thought it would to get back to researching companies.  There is so much good information on the sites above that it could take weeks or months to go through it.  Thanks a lot John as the information above is some of the best I have learned from in a long time and hope that you all will learn a lot from it too.

Gold Mining Case Studies from CSInvesting.

How Zynga Went From Social Gaming Powerhouse to Has-Been.  Long but excellent article from Arstechnica.

Wharton Puts Its First Year MBA Courses Online For Free.  I have not signed up for these and do not plan to take them but thought I would put them on here for anyone who may be interested.

The Buffett Formula On How To Get Smarter.  Another fantastic article from Farnam Street.