Winter Storm Atlas, Storm That Hit My Area, Updates With Lots Of Pictures

Winter Storm Atlas, Storm That Hit My Area, Updates

If you follow me on Twitter you know that there was a massive winter storm that came through the area where I live and that I was without power for a while.  I just wanted to share some updates from the crazy storm to show what we have dealt with here.

My House

Luckily my parents live less than 1/2 mile away from my wife and I and we have been at their house since Friday since they have had power most of that time.  Our house still does not have power (Almost 5 days straight without power now.)  Until I get power back at my house, updates will probably be minimal due to shoveling of snow, more family around, and overall less time to work.


Before the blizzard hit I had started research on another company that looks like it could be undervalued.  I brought my notebook so I can value them and if they are undervalued then I hope to have an article up before next week when my wife and I have our baby.

BOBS Shareholder Issue

To all of you who have contacted me about joining against the BOBS taken private offer, thank you.  I still have no update about anything official that is going on and I will try to email you all individually when I get some time.

Storm Totals and Pictures

The following info was taken from The Weather Channel’s site.

South Dakota

  • According to The Associated Press, first responders in Rapid City were overwhelmed with calls for stuck vehicles and downed trees and power lines making some roads impassable. Police spokeswoman Tarah Heupel said snow and ice was accumulating on traffic signals, making the lights difficult to see.
  • A report submitted to the National Weather Service Friday night said that there was widespread tree damage on the north side of Rapid City along with widespread power outages.
  • The National Weather Service confirmed blizzard conditions occurred in Rapid City, with visibility of 1/8 mile for over three hours.
  • Sustained winds reached 44 mph with gusts to 55 mph at the Rapid City airport before the sensor was knocked out of commission late Friday afternoon. As of Sunday morning the airport was still not reporting any weather data.
  • All Rapid City schools were closed Friday due to impacts from Atlas.
  • Interstate 90 was closed between Murdo and the Wyoming state line as of Friday night.
  • Wind gusts up to 70 mph accompanied the heavy snow in western South Dakota.
  • MORE: South Dakota road conditions

Snowfall Totals:

A Monday update from the National Weather Service he top total was 3 miles southeast of Beulah, Wyo., just over the state line in northwest Lawrence County, S.D. At this location, an incredible 58 inches of snow fell. The liquid equivalent there was 6.78 inches of water, over 20% of the average annual precipitation in this area. Other totals included:

Lead – 55″ – about 45 minutes away.
Deadwood – 48″ on the west side of town
Sturgis – 35″ on the east side of town
Piedmont – 35″
Rapid City – up to 31″ on the city’s southwest side – about 10 minutes away.
Spearfish – 26″ downtown

The official total of 23.1 inches in Rapid City makes this the second heaviest snowstorm on record in the city. Nearly six months ago they recorded their now third heaviest snowstorm on record with 22.4 inches from April 8-10, 2013. It is also by far the biggest October snowstorm in Rapid City; in fact, the 23.1 inches from this one storm dwarfs the city’s previous record for the entire month of October, which was 15.1 inches in 1919.

Most of the snow we received was in a one day period with 50 MPH wind and 70 MPH gusts during the entire storm.

I took the following pictures when I walked to my house from my parents house. All of the drifts, except for the picture at the bottom, are 5-10 feet high:20131006_075044 20131006_075052 20131006_075112

My backyard.

20131006_080350 20131006_080400

This is my buddies house a few houses down from me.20131006_081954 20131006_082046

The next two pictures I took from the entrance to my street directly down the road.20131006_082420 20131006_082434 20131006_082946 20131006_083511 20131006_083518 20131006_083520 20131006_101150 20131006_101201 20131006_101211 20131006_101237

This picture and the next one I took at the top of the drift in the previous picture to show how thick the drift is and how long it goes for.

20131006_101259 20131006_101309 20131006_101314 20131006_101320

This picture is a roadway up to Lead-Deadwood which got more than 5 feet of snow.  Shows you what feet of snow mixed with high winds can do in this area.IMG_52386864464389

This link is to the local newspaper which has pictures from downtown Rapid City which is only about a 10 minute drive from where I live.

This is the worst storm I have experienced in living here for almost 17 years now and is the worst single storm on record in this area (since 1890).

While I am getting things back in order please view these links for some excellent content.