How To Value Invest Kindle Version’s New Lower Price and How To Get A Copy Of The Book For Free!

As some of you have noticed over the last few days the page to buy How To Value Invest has changed a bit.  I meant to announce the changes yesterday but with the big BOBS news coming out I decided to wait until today to announce the changes to the Kindle version of the book.  The contents of the new buy page are directly below and I will talk about some of the changes that were made below that.

Buy How To Value Invest Right Here Right Now!

This is still technically the sales price and I do plan to raise the prices up back to their normal levels at some point so if you want the 25% discount on ALL PACKAGES BELOW please order the book as soon as possible.

The premise of this book is very simple: You no longer need to go to an expensive Ivy League level school to learn how to become an excellent value investor, and I am going to show you the steps I took to teach myself about investing and how you too can become an excellent value investor without going to college.

If you want to become an excellent value investor faster, while also saving yourself a lot of money in the process, then continue on and learn from my value investing journey.  The book is geared towards beginner and intermediate level value investors to help reduce the main problem and frustration I had when I started to teach myself; wasted time.   A small portion of what will be taught in the book is below:

  1. How to use the valuation techniques that I use, how to adjust them, and what they mean for the overall investment thesis.
  2. How to properly evaluate a company’s financial reports, profitability ratios, and debt ratios to help decide if the company is a potentially good investment.
  3. I will tell you how I make sell decisions now and how I used to make them.  This includes me sharing how I missed out on a nearly 70% gain because I didn’t have the proper sell decision processes in place when fully invested and how you can avoid the same mistakes.
  4. I will share with you how I do research now and how I used to do research by showing you how to discard bad companies a lot faster which will save you a lot of time and leads to finding better companies quicker.

If you learn and put into practice what is shown in the book, work hard, continue to learn, and develop your own proper thought, investment processes, and mind-set than I guarantee that you will be a better at evaluating companies for investment than most MBA’s and professional level investors all for less than 1/3 of the price of ONE college textbook, for a fraction of the cost of going to a university, and you will also be saving yourself YEARS of time from having to find all of this information by yourself like I had to.

Also, if you could please take 30 seconds of your time to review the book on Amazon and send me testimonials of the book that I could post on the blog I would greatly appreciate it.

Preview Chapters If you would like to preview the book first please download the First Four Chapters of How To Value Invest to download the introduction and first four chapters of the book.

Other Released Book Excerpts

If you still aren’t sure, check out the first three reviews of the book on Amazon, ALL of which are 5 stars, right here.

Amazon Kindle eBook With A New Low Price Of $9.99 

How to value invest cover for Amazon (2)

Each different link below is for each separate countries Amazon.  This means that if you want the book in a certain language other than English that you need to click on the proper country link below.

Announcing Kindle Matchbook

If you have in the past or plan to buy the paperback version of How To Value Invest (Link below) you can get the Kindle version of How To Value Invest for free with Amazon’s new program that I have enrolled the book in

Kindle Lending Library

Now that How To Value Invest is apart of the Kindle Select program you can borrow the book completely free if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Affiliate, Createspace Paperback Book cover by Lilam

Buy The Paperback Edition Here for $37The paperback does ship to a lot of foreign countries if you are outside of the US and want this version of the book.  This version can also be bought directly through Amazon as well.

Please remember that How To Value Invest is now apart of Kindle’s matchbook program so if you buy the paperback version of the book you can now get the Kindle version for free.

I decided to get rid of the Gumroad based book packages because the vast majority of people have bought either the Amazon Kindle version or Amazon Createspace paperback version of the book.  Dropping the Gumroad version of the book has allowed me to join Kindle’s Select program which allows me to offer some deals to people who buy the book now.

As you can see above there are now two ways you can get the Kindle version for FREE: If you are an Amazon Prime member you can now borrow the book for free.  If you have bought, or plan to buy the paperback version, you can now get the Kindle version for free as How To Value Invest is a part of Amazon’s new Matchbook program.

The Kindle version has also been dropped in price from $29.25 to $9.99 so if you have waited for a price drop in the Kindle version to buy, now is the time.

The Kindle version does have some limitations in comparison to the paperback version though as three of the bigger tables in the Kindle version had to be replaced with links to where they can be seen on the blog instead of being viewed in that version of the book.  If you want the full unedited version of the book I still recommend getting the paperback version which now comes with a free Kindle copy to take with you on the go.

I am also going to add a third way to get a free copy of the book as well.  I ordered some copies of the book to give to family, friends, and to send out to some funds as kind of my résumé and I ended up ordering one more copy than I needed.

Next week I will announce the start of a value idea contest where the winner will be given a copy of the paperback version for free so get your best value ideas ready.  The contest will be available only to US residents so sorry to those of you outside the US.

I hope you enjoy the new much lower price of the Kindle version of How To Value Invest, the ways you can now get it for free, and thank you to everyone out there who has bought copies of the book.  It means an awful lot.