Chance To Win A Free Paperback Copy Of How To Value Invest!

Last week I announced some of the new promotions for the Kindle version of How To Value Invest, a new low price, and how you could get a free copy of that version.  I also said that I had an extra paperback copy that I was going to be giving away for free to residents who live in the US as well.


All you have to do for a chance to win that paperback copy is one of three easy things: Write to me in the comments something that you have learned from this site, something I can improve on, or tell me a company you think is a good value investment now.  I will pick a semi-random winner in two weeks who will I will then send the book to.  Bonus points will be given to the person who gives a particularly good insight or company to potentially invest in and write about.

You do not have to give any kind of in-depth pages long responses, a single ticker, a few words, or a few sentences will suffice.

If you are the winner all you will have to do is send me your address in an email or Twitter direct message, and I will send the book, that is it.

The contest will end on December 9th and please remember that only US residents can win the free book.  Thanks and good luck.

3 Replies to “Chance To Win A Free Paperback Copy Of How To Value Invest!”

  1. Too bad the contest is already over but I still want to tell you something I think you can improve on. It isn’t about the content on the site I am still a value investing newbie but I am learning! For me the content is super! The only thing that could be better would be some posts about how you do resarch, And just general value investing tips.

    Please remember that I am an value investing noob and probably when I am a more advanced value investor I would like to see the posts that are here know: analysis of companies.

    But back to the thing you can improveve on: when I visit your site by mobile I can’t read some stuff because the yellow banner is in front of the text:

    Best thing would be to maybe disable the bar when visitors are on mobile. And another tip would be to install It is a great for readers on mobile phones.

    Sorry if this weren’t the things you meant when you started the content but I thought it would make the site a lot better!

    1. Ramo

      The contest is not over. Since you were the first person to write a comment you win the book. Email me your name and address to and I will take care of the rest.

      Thanks a lot for your comments and critique. The following two links should help answer your questions. They reveal how I do research, when I sell a companies stock, my investment philosophy, and some of my other thoughts that I have released from the book. Hope these help you out to some degree:

      I have three tips about becoming a better value investor:

      1)Read, read read. It took me a while to realize this when I started out but the more you read, the faster you will have the knowledge possible to be able to put together a really good company analysis. I truly believe that knowledge compounds just like interest does and the more you do of it the better off you will be. Most of my free time is spent reading. Trying to learn new things or finding companies to invest in.

      2) Once you build up a good knowledge of the basics of investing, psychology (Mainly biases to start off with), how to analyze balance sheets, etc, practice as much as you can. I wasted a lot of time early on just reading and reading without practicing. You can only learn how to evaluate a company, how to value them, and how to analyze financials so much without actually practicing. When you get to this point, or if you are at this point now, let me know if you have any issues or questions and I will try to answer them as best as I can for you but I recommend valuing and reading as many financial reports as you can which is a good starting point.

      3) Develop your own investment philosophy and thought processes as quickly as possible. Only you can decide what makes sense to buy for you. Do not rely on anyone elses research alone to get you to a buy or sell decision. Everyone has a different perspective on what makes sense to them. I have only bought into one company this year all the way back in March because I am such a conservative investor in what I look for, the margin of safety I require, and the return I expect in a company I invest in. Other value investors buy a lot more than I do because they are looking in different industries, have different criteria they look for, expect different returns, plan to hold companies not as long as I do, etc.

      The faster you do the three above things and develop your own investment processes the quicker you can become a potentially excellent investor. I talk about all of these things, how to value companies,the different valuation techniques, and a lot more in the book as well. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask them as I love to help newer investors any way I can.

      Being a new value investor I also highly recommend this page which contains a lot of the stuff I have learned from over the years.

      Thanks for letting me know that my mobile site wasn’t working on some browsers, I appreciate it a lot. I use Chrome on my phone and tablet and have no issues so thanks a lot for bringing it to my attention.

      Thanks for the plugin recommendation as well. I will implement that as soon as possible and hope it will make my site better viewing on phones and tablets.

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