Weekend Reading Links

Manual of Ideas – Forget Art: The Top 10 Lessons Sotheby’s Can Teach Us About Investing.

Scientific American – You Can Increase Your Intelligence: 5 Ways To Improve Your Cognitive Potential.

Punchcard Investing – RPX and The Broken Patent System.

The Walrus – Play Money: The Rise of Virtual Economies.

The Walrus – Game Theories. This article and the one directly above should be read as companion pieces.  They talk about the economics of virtual economies.  Very interesting read being a life time gamer.

Compounding My Interests.  Another fantastic blog I found recently.

Wexboy – Why I Read Part 1.

Wexboy – Why I Read Part 2.

Wexboy – Why I Read Part 3.  All three of these are much more than the titles suggest and are must reads, especially for people who learn on their own.

Safal Niveshek – Professor Sanjay Bakshi’s (The Fundoo Professor) Presentation On What Happens When You Don’t Buy Quality? And What Happens When You Do?