Value Investing Journey Giving Back! And Attention To Educators Out There.

Value Investing Journey Giving Back!

Ever since my health issues started I told my wife than when I did start to make some money that I wanted to help needy families with a portion of that money.  With How To Value Invest coming out this year we have finally been able to do just that.



The picture above are gifts for two very needy local families this year that my wife and I bought with some of the proceeds from my book sales.

This is just the start as we plan to make this a new yearly tradition with proceeds from any book sales and money made from this site going to help people in a lot of different ways in the future.  None of this would have been possible without you buying the book so thank you so much once again to everyone out there who has bought the book this year.

Attention To Educators Out There

If you are an educator out there and are interested in using How To Value Invest in your curriculum or as gifts to outgoing/graduating students.  I would love for you to contact me at  If you order in bulk I will offer the paperback version of the book to you at only $2 above MY COST per book.  I will be making NO profit on any of these transactions as the entire proceeds from this will go directly to buying and shipping the books to you.

If you are an educator overseas we can work something out with the PDF version of the book if you are interested in this.  I will unfortunately not be shipping paperback books overseas due to the obscenely high costs of overseas shipping.  If you live overseas you can buy the paperback version through your countries Amazon site and it will ship to you at the normal price though.

The book is probably best for people of high school and college ages.  I would love to see the book used in classes around the world or as gifts to people who are interested in value investing so please contact me if you have any interest at all.