Weekend Reading Links: Building Wordly Wisdom Put Into Practice

As I talked about in this post I have been building my wordly wisdom and mental models for a while now since nearly every company I want to buy I estimate to be overvalued currently.  I have expanded my reading to my other interests which are all over the map.  I will be sharing some of my favorite articles with you over the coming weeks and hope you learn something from them like I have.  Don’t worry, a lot of them will still be investing related or the thinking can be applied to investing.  For the rest I just find them either interesting or intellectually stimulating.

The New York Reviews of Books – Physics: What We Do And Don’t Know.

Project Syndicate – Measure for Mismeasure.

Microcap Club – The Value Of Net Operating Losses.  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as it pertains to valuations.

Farnam Street – Evolution is Blind But We’re Not.

Farnam Street – Marcus Aurelius on How To Act and Four Habits of Thought To Eliminate.

Motherboard – Is Robert Zubrin America’s Best Hope For Colonizing The Red Planet?

Greg Speicher – Henry Singleton: A Master of Capital Allocation.

The Washington Post – Studying Chinese To Reach His Parents.

Youtube Video – America is the Microsoft of Nations.

Bruce Kasanoff – Huge Decisions Require The Rocking Chair Test.