Weekend Reading Links: U-Haul, Shane Parrish, Poor Charlie’s Almanack, @MichioKaku, Alien Intelligence, Moats, and More.

Big Think – Yellowstone Super Volcano Is A Much Bigger Time Bomb Than We Thought.

Bloomberg Via @JacobWolinsky on Twitter – Hidden U-Haul Billionaire Emerges With Storage Empire.

Forbes Via @Mungerisms on Twitter – Where To Find The Biggest Ideas For Your Business.  An interview with Shane Parrish who runs the amazing Farnam Street Blog.

Dropbox – Via The Equity Desk Group I am a part of on Facebook – A Free eBook Copy of one of my favorite books ever Poor Charlie’s Almanack.  In my experience the file is so big that the book will need to either be read on a tablet or computer.  It did not work on my phone.  The book has also been added to the Recommended Reading and Viewing page of this blog as well.

The New York Times Via @michiokaku on Twitter – A Scientist Predicts The Future.

The Economist Via @vitaliyk on Twitter – Nelson Mandela: The Long Walk Is Over.

Above The Market Via @ReformedBroker on Twitter – Invert, Always Invert.

iO9.com – Crows Could Be The Key To Understanding Alien Intelligence.

The Sova Group – Moats In Real Life (Mouse Ears Included).

Intelligent Investing – Patterns Of Failure.