What Kind Of Educational Value Investing Content Would You Like To See Here?

I have looked for companies to invest in and write articles about since launching the book in September (somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000+ companies) and up to this point have had no luck since the market keeps rising.  Since I have only written one new company article since last March, or almost a year ago now, the last time I bought into a company was also last March, and I can find no companies to invest in or write articles about now, I figured I would ask to see what kind of educational value investing content you would like to see on the blog?

Until the market drops significantly I will be working to try to put together any content that you all would like to see so please vote in the poll below and comment in the comments section below about the kinds of educational value investing material you would like to read or view and I will work to put some great content on the blog.

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