Direction of This Blog For The Time Being

Over the last two weeks I have asked for some input on the kind of educational value investing content you would like to see on this blog until the market drops significantly.  The two-week poll results are in and it appears the majority of you want to see value investment case studies first.  I will begin work immediately on some of those but honestly do not have a time frame for when I will start to post them.

To make it fair for new and advanced analysts alike I am going make it a blind valuation case study where all I am going to give you is the companies financials, footnotes, and other key points from their proxies, annuals, and quarterlies.  I am going to redact the company name and any other potential identifying information so that we can all hopefully learn as much as possible by not knowing which company it is or how much its shares are selling for.  The exercise will be to determine: A) Would you buy this company? B) What would you estimate the companies intrinsic value to be? And C) If you would buy this company at what price would you buy them at?

When I am ready to release some of these I will release the above information one week, wait for some of your reader valuation and analysis write ups to be posted, and then release my valuation and analysis of them a week or two after I release the company financials and other information.

I will only post information on companies that I have not done research into so that we can all do this exercise together and learn from each other.  My hope is that this will be a great help to all of us, that we will all learn a lot, that we will help each other learn, (especially newer investors) and help to keep our skills fresh while we wait for the market to drop.

I plan to get some of these up as soon as possible but I honestly have no idea when I will start posting them because I have never done anything like this before so please be patient with me.

I also will start working on some video content for the blog as well so if you have anything you have ever wanted to know or wanted help with that you think would be good to talk about in a video format please leave a comment below so I can get some ideas for videos.

One last note for today.  In the poll someone voted for the “Other” option but did not comment about what they would like to see.  I would love to hear from you and your idea so if you see this please comment below or email me your idea.