Weekend Reading Links And First Case Study Incoming

The first value investment case study will be released this coming Monday and I hope that we can all learn something from it.  Until then on to the links.

Janav.Wordress.com – Be A Learning Machine.

The XX Committee – Is East Asia About To Experience Its “July Crisis?

National Geographic – Mice Inherit Specific Memories, Because Epigenitics?

Remembering The Obvious – Charlie Munger’s Wesco Letters.

Fundoo Professor – The Ashiana Housing Lecture.

Santa Fe Institute – How Complex Systems Science Helps Reveal Market Behavior.

Wiley Online Library – 17 Free Issues About Psychology Topics.

Long Reads – There is Nothing New In Wall St: A Stock Traders Life In The 1920’s.

Value Walk – Understanding And Valuing Financial Companies.

Nathan Barry – Two Years After Quitting My Job 2013 Review.  Amazing story for any entrepreneurs out there like me.