Blind Value Investment Case Study Video 1:43 Long

Hey everybody I have wanted to make some video content for the blog for a while now but have not had anything interesting to do a video about until I found this company I came across recently.  The video is below, is only 1 minute and 43 seconds long, and contains all the major information needed to value the business so please leave your comments below on how you would value the business, if you would buy the business, what other topics you would like me to talk about in the future, and what I could do better with future videos since this is the first time I have done a video.

PS – I forgot to talk about a couple of pieces of information in the video that may help you value the business.  Sorry about this and please bear with me as this is the first time I have done a video.  I plan to make the future videos better.

1) This company has an inventory sell through rate of approximately 15-20% per month.

2) This company does ALL of its business online at this point and DOES NOT have a retail space so overhead is minimal.

3) For every $1 this company spends to buy inventory for resale, it has gained about $5 of EBIT, because of the higher price upon selling the items, after the original costs of buying the items, fees, shipping, etc, but before taxes.

4) It has had sales of just over $4 million in 3.5 years.

5) It has an approximate 50% EBIT margin.

I will post my video reply and tell you what the company is next week and I hope you enjoy!