Weekend Reading Links: Psychology, Competitive Advantages, Niches, Curiosity, Breaching Moats, Studying Complexity, and More.

IO9.com – The Most Important Moment In The Evolution of Life.

Destructoid – How Paradox Interactive Found Success In A Niche Market.

Big Questions Online – How Can The Study Of Complexity Transform Our Understanding of the World?

New York Times – How Inactivity Changes the Brain.

New York Times – A Start-Up Run By Friends Takes On Shaving Giants.

Four Hour Work Week – Preventing Burn Out: A Cautionary Tale.

Pick The Brain – Boring is a State of Mind: How Curiosity Diminishes Monotony.

Farnam Street – The Man That Never Quit.

Cosmos Magazine – Psychology of How We Perceive Fear.

NY Mag – Why Abercrombie Is Losing Its Shirt.