FREE Kindle Version of How To Value Invest and New Paperback Price

As I mentioned in yesterdays video here, I am putting How To Value Invest the Kindle version, on sale for 5 days starting tomorrow morning 6 AM PST, completely for FREE.  I want to get the book into as many hands as possible and have received some emails from people in various countries that they would like to read but could not afford the book.  If you have ever wanted to buy the book but were worried about the price, you now have no excuses to pick it up because for 5 days starting tomorrow at 6 am PST you can get it for FREE through Amazon.

Starting NOW I have also PERMANENTLY dropped the price of the paperback version of How To Value Invest to $12.99 to bring it into line with the pricing of most paperback versions of other investing books, again to get the book into as many hands as possible.

Starting tomorrow you can get the Kindle version either directly from Amazon or linked through my site on this page, where you can also view reader testimonials, reviews, and download some excerpts from the book and preview the first several chapters of it as well.  As of the time of this writing the paperback version of How To Value Invest is supposed to be selling for $12.99 if you want to pick it up at its new price, but is still showing the old price so please make sure that if you are buying the paperback version of the book that you are paying $12.99 through Amazon BEFORE BUYING it as it takes some time for Amazon to update prices.