Next Major Project Announced

Next Major Project Announced

Last week we talked about how I failed a bit at my last job.  And also how it wasn’t a complete failure because I was able to learn from masters.  Masters that helped me improve my writing more in the last six months than I did in the last six years.

So why is this important for this blog and you?

Not only does this mean that all content on this blog will now be easier to read.  And more entertaining – hopefully.  But improving my writing also led me to a major project that I’ve waited to announce for a while now.

Announcing The Second Edition of How To Value Invest

Coming Soon

A few months after working and learning how to improve writing. I went back to my last major project to check what its readability scores were.

Readability stats using Microsoft Word measure the amount of passive sentences the document has. The Flesch Reading Ease. And the FK score.


Side Note: If you want to learn how to enable readability statistics in Word watch this video.

And if you want to learn the technical aspects of what goes into these scores go here.


The higher percentage of passive sentences the doc has the higher the readability score is.  And the harder the doc is to read.  The lower the Flesch reading ease score is the harder the doc is to read.  And the higher the FK score is the harder the doc is to read.

The reverse is true for everything above as well.

Again why does this matter?

Because as I learned the harder something is to read the fewer people will read it. And fewer people will understand it. The opposite is true too.  The easier something is to read the more people will read it.  And more people will understand it.

Not many people like to read dry technical writing that is hard to understand.  This is one of the reasons I stay away from investing in banks because I hate reading their financials filled with legal terms.  And written in such a hard way that it seems like the companies trying to make it so the financials can’t be understood.

The first edition of How To Value Invest had an FK score of 13.7.  Meaning that to understand everything in the book you had to have a better than college reading level.  Not exactly what I planned for a beginner to intermediate level investors.

I was so frustrated when reading through How To Value Invest after learning about this that I decided to do a total rewrite.

While I still have work to do on it…  So far I’ve cut 20% of the book.  This was almost all redundancy.  This was one of the only criticisms I got from the first edition.

Things are now a lot easier to understand.  And the overall flow of the book a lot better. This all helped bring the FK score down from 13.7 to 8.2.  This means if you have an eighth grade reading level you can now understand How To Value Invest.

Much better.

But this isn’t all…

The New Content In The Second Edition of How To Value Invest

The first edition of the book contained everything I used when evaluating companies a year and a half ago.  But I’ve learned a lot since then.

Not only will the second edition of the book be easier to understand.  But it will also contain chapters on the new techniques I’ve implemented as well.

Some of the new content that will be in the second edition of How To Value Invest is discussion on:

  • Economic Goodwill
  • Owner’s Earnings
  • Unlevered Return on Net Tangible Equity
  • Various new relative valuation metrics.
  • And more.

I will also include at least one entire new chapter analyzing a company.  Where I will show how to use these new things in your own analysis.

So when will the book release?

Release TBD

At this point I don’t have a firm date set in mind but it will be soon.  I’ve already finished most of the rewrite on the content that was in the first edition.  Now I just have to finish the chapters on the new content.

This will be a better and easier to understand book that I hope will reach even more people now.

And the second edition of the book will involve an even bigger project that I will announce at some point as well.

But while we wait for this, I’ve got several other projects to announce.

For now the next post will include my full thoughts on the proposed Brazil Fast Food buyout.

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