Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live # 1

Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live # 1

Constant small improvement compounds and helps us become better in time. This new weekly Friday post will help us become better thinkers, investors, and people in time.

Meet The Man Who Could Own Aviva France. And About The Greatest Customer Insurance Contract Ever – “When he was seven years old, Max-Hervé George was given a magic ticket by his father. It lets him turn back the clock, to invest with perfect hindsight week after week, steadily accumulating a fortune. And compounding at 68.8% per year since 1997″

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses With The Superpower Exercise – Self realization and self-improvement.

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Pat Dorsey’s Moats Mindmapped – A wonderful visual illustration of moats. And the companies that have he different kinds of them by Jana Vembunarayanan of Seeking Wisdom.

Cognitive Exhaustion: Resting Your Mental Muscle – How to better rest your mind to get back to full cognitive ability.

How To Blow $200 Billion: A Roadmap for Value Destruction – Mental models.  Corporate finance.  Principle of inversion.  Incentives.  Company analysis.  Case study.


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