Where Are The Company Analysis Articles?

Where Are The Company Analysis Articles?

All this talk about learning.  Failure.  And how you’re going to help the world is great.  But I’m sure you’re wondering where the company analysis articles are?

Before I got hired the articles I wrote analyzing and recommending companies were by far the most viewed things I posted.  So I’m sure many of you have wondered when I’m going to start releasing these again.

Well it will be soon…

April 21st Will Be When I Release My First Company Analysis Recommendation on This Blog in More Than Two Years

Mark your calendars for April 21st.  This will be when I release my first company analysis article on this blog in more than two years.

Why Haven’t I Released An Article In The Last Two Years?

I haven’t released a new analysis article recommending a company in more than two years.

Why is this?

Since January 2013 when I recommended Unico American Corporation (UNAM) I’ve started two businesses.  One that failed.  And one that is successful.

Was hired full-time by a great company for six months.  Spent a huge amount of time learning.  And taking time away from analyzing companies.  This is because I found the stock market – and all companies I wanted to buy – overvalued.

While the stock market has continued to rise for the last two years and is still overvalued.  I’ve developed a new process that allows me to research companies faster.

This new process allows me to discard bad companies fast.  It allows me to find good companies in a fraction of the time it used to.  And it’s enabled me to so far find three companies that I will write articles about in the coming months.  Five if you count the two I already recommended when working.

There are still pockets of value out there.  It just takes time to find them.  And this new process saves me a ton of time.

So what is the article about?


Side Note

Subscribers to this blog have already gotten access to this process that I’ve released for free.  If you would like access to it go to this link to subscribe.

When you sign up you will also get a free 20-page glossary of terms I’ve released for free to subscribers as well.

I use both of these things every time I research companies.  And they’ve helped me cut down my preliminary research time by 90%.


An Investment That Will Gain You At Least 21% This Year.

And As Much As 215% Over Time

This article will be about a sub $200 million company that has a 4.9% dividend at the time of this writing.  Is in a great industry.  It has competitive advantages.  And it produces great margins and a ton of cash.

Since its business model does not require a lot of investment through cap ex.  The company has paid out 87% of the cash it’s earned to shareholders in the form of dividends since 2011.

And this isn’t all…

The company also has no debt.  It is undervalued by 21% now to its worst case scenario valuation.  And could rise as much as 215% over time to reach its true value.

With how I classify things for this blog it’s a Warren Buffett type of investment.

File:Warren Buffett KU Visit.jpg

You’ll love this pick when you see it.  And I’m sure it will make you money if you buy it.

In the next post I will explain how and when I’m going to release my company analysis articles going forward.