Famous Failures Series And I Need Your Input

Famous Failures Series

And I Need Your Input

My post Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Are Failures from March 24 2015 quickly became one of the most popular articles on the site.  Within the first two days of its release more than 1,200 of you viewed the article.

And this doesn’t include all the views on Reddit and other sites I posted the article to.

This is by far the fastest anything I’ve posted on this blog has gotten that many views.

The day the article was released – and the day after – are the two days this blog was visited most.  Ever.  And it’s not even close.

Seeing this leads me to believe that you found value from the article.  So I’ve decided to start a new semi regular article called Famous Failures.

Instead of doing a Weekend Upgrades every Friday.  I will now post an article about a famous failure occasionally.

Failure used to be my biggest fear in life.  It’s taken me years to learn that failure isn’t bad if you learn from your mistakes.  And improve for future attempts.

But no matter how much I know this, failure is still painful.

So my hope is that these Famous Failures articles will help us all learn – and continue to reinforce – taking failure in stride. To keep improving.  Learning.  And keep moving forward towards our goals.

Or as another Famous Failure said:

But before we get to the next Famous Failure – I need to know who you’d like to see profiled.

I’ve got some failures in mind to profile.  But I want to know who you’d like to see profiled.

In the comments below let me know of some failures you’d like to see profiled.  And I will start researching and writing about some of them.