Famous Failures

 Famous Failures

Failure used to be my biggest fear in life.  It’s taken me years to learn that failure isn’t bad if you learn from your mistakes.  And improve for future attempts.

But no matter how much I know this, failure is still painful.

So my hope is that these Famous Failures articles will help us all learn – and continue to reinforce – taking failure in stride. To keep improving.  Learning.  And keep moving forward towards our goals.

Or as another Famous Failure said:

This weeks Famous Failures include a college reject, then drop out.  Someone who wasn’t creative and had no imagination.  Someone who was “unfit” for TV.  A divorcee and single mom on welfare.  And a failed politician who suffered from debilitating depression.

This video was made by g0ldencalf on Youtube.

How have you dealt with failure in the past?  And who would you like to see profiled in this article going forward?  Let me know in the comments below.


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