Giving Away A $50 Gift Card

Giving Away A $50 Gift Card

I announced on April 10th that I was giving away a hard copy of The Snowball – Warren Buffett and the Business of Life.  To anyone.  Anywhere in the world for free when this blog reached 150 subscribers.

This got us most of the way there…  But I want to push even higher.

Not only am I giving away a hard copy of The Snowball.  But I’m now also giving away a $50 American Express gift card for free.  You can use AMEX gift cards anywhere that accepts American Express cards.

The same rules still apply as before.

I will choose one of you at random.  And will ship both prizes to you for free.  Anywhere in the world.  At my cost.  All you’ll have to do if you win is send me your address.  And I will take care of the rest.

The only difference this time is the amount of subscribers required to giveaway the items.  Instead of 150 subscribers like before…

Because I’m adding to the prize pool, the subscribers needed to giveaway the prizes has risen.

Now 200 people will need to subscribe to this blog before the prizes are given away.  And at last check there were 107 subscribers to Value Investing Journey.  So we are more than half way to 200.  This number doesn’t include Press On Research subscribers.

And this isn’t all you’ll get when you subscribe either…

Not only will this enter you to win two great prizes.  But when you subscribe you’ll also get two items for free that will help you evaluate companies faster.

All you have to do to enter to win the $50 AMEX gift card.  The 960 page hardcover copy of Warren Buffett’s favorite biography.  And your two free gifts that will help you evaluate companies faster is subscribe to the blog at this link.