One Week Left For A 50% Discount

One Week Left For A 50% Discount

There is only one week left to get your 50% discount on a one year – 12 issue – Press On Research subscription.  The only place I will release my company recommendation articles anywhere.

This offer will end on 4/20/2015.  Next Monday.  And the next day the price will go up to $97 for a one year – 12 issue – Press On Research Subscription.

Press On Research High Def

This Company Will Gain You 21% This Year

And 215% Over Time

The first issue of Press On Research will release on 4/21/2015.

In the first issue I’ll detail a company that has great management.  Is in an excellent industry.  Pays a 4.8% dividend as of today.  It produces a ton of cash.  Has no debt.  And at worst will gain you 21% this year.  And could gain you 215% over time.

The only place you will see this company recommendation is by buying a Press On Research subscription.  Remember – I will no longer release my company recommendation articles for free.  So if you want to see this recommendation – and future recommendations – subscribe to Press On Research below to get your one year subscription.  Where you’ll get one recommendation issue a month.

And 12 issues a year isn’t all you’ll get by subscribing either…

By subscribing today you’ll also get five free gifts.  Including a copy of my book: How To Value Invest.  Two resources that will help you evaluate companies faster.  And priority access to two future released services.

By subscribing today you’ll get products worth $8,016.94 for only $49.  But this price will only last for one more week.  So subscribe below today.

And All This Comes with A 90-Day
Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t think Press On Research is offering enough value within the first 90 days, I demand you fire me.  And I will give you a full refund.

I’m so confident you’ll find value with your subscription.  That even if you want to refund within the first 90 days after your order.  You’ll still keep your free gifts.

***Or if you still need further convincing of all the great benefits of a Press On Research subscription go to this link.