The 15 Steps I Took To Become An Excellent Value Investor

The 15 Steps I Took To Become An Excellent Value Investor

A couple weeks ago Bill over at Trade Rush Review asked me to write-up a guest post on the 15 steps I took to become an excellent value investor for his subscribers.  And the post went live yesterday.

Not only does the article detail the steps I took to change from an idiot investor to an excellent investor.  But it also contains a shareable and saveable infographic that you can use.

All the advice is simple to follow.  And easy to start.

And you can use the advice in the article to become an excellent value investor too.

This does not mean the process of becoming an excellent value investor is easy.  But as I say in the article:

“Value investing does not require high intelligence.  Or a specialized skill set.

Ignore your inner hater that says you can’t do this.  You’re wasting your time. And you won’t become an excellent value investor.

I Promise you’ll become an excellent value investor if have the proper mindset.  Put in the time.  And continue to improve over time.”

Here is Bill’s introduction to my article:

Note from Bill: Let me introduce Jason Rivera a blogger who talks about value investing. If you want a chance in hell of being a value investor, then you need to hear what Jason has to say.

Welcome Jason…

To read the rest of the article and to see the infographic go to this link.

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