Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live #4 – How To Be Legendary

Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live #4

The below picture is how I’ve felt a good part of this week.

As I’ve talked about a bit since coming back to the blog.  I failed recently.  And have since been building myself.  This blog.  Several business ideas up since then.  And the things I’ve built require a lot of marketing knowledge.  And copywriting knowledge.

Other than the little I learned while working I know next to nothing about marketing.  And while copywriting was a part of everything I wrote while working.  It’s still difficult.  And it takes me a lot of time.

The combination of learning about marketing and copywriting has led to frustration in the last several weeks.

This is good and bad.

It’s good because if something is hard.  And you get frustrated while learning and implementing new things it means you’re learning.  But even knowing this it’s still frustrating.  And for me frustration leads me to procrastination.

Because I know this is how I deal with frustration in the short-term.  I’ve developed another process to deal with it that helps me get back to working.

How To Be Legendary

Whenever I notice frustration beginning to set in.  I read something inspiring to get myself pumped back up to continue working.

This week I spent some time reading the 74-page eBook How To Become Legendary to get inspired to finish a major project.

Reading it got me so pumped up that I was able to finish the project.  And barring any technical difficulties over the weekend I will release it on Monday to everyone.

How To Be Legendary’s author is Johnny B. Truant.  And details how doing great things in life actually works.

It talks a lot about persistence.  Ignoring haters.  And you’re own inner hater.  How making slow, consistent progress, over time can lead you to great things.  And much more.  I cannot recommend this book enough.  And I hope you enjoy it.

How do you deal with frustration and procrastination when you’re working on something difficult?

And what gets you back working?