Six Days Before Next Press On Research Issue Comes Out

Press On Research High Def Six Days Before Next Press On Research Issue Comes Out

There are only six days left until the next Press On Research issue comes out on 5/19/15. And to help convince you that you should subscribe I wanted to send you some excerpts from the upcoming issue and the first issue released last month.

The following excerpt from the next issue is unfinished and unedited.

An Opportunity So Good I’m Investing In China For The First Time In Five Years

It also pays a 2% dividend. Has more net cash – cash after subtracting all liabilities – $256 million than its whole market cap right now $220 million.

This Company Is Undervalued By As Much As 309%

The following excerpts are from the first issue released last month.  You will get access to this if you subscribe to Press On Research.

This Investment Will Gain You At Least 20% This Year.

And As Much As 258% over Time

Since 2011 this company has produced $469 million in cash. And they’ve paid out more than $400 million in dividends to shareholders.

The company has competitive advantages. Zero debt. And zero chance of going out of business. And it just hit an all time low in January. So we can buy a great company at a cheap price.

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When you subscribe to Press On Research you’ll automatically get a PDF copy of my How To Value Invest. And two resources that will help you evaluate companies faster.

You’ll also get priority access to How To Value Invest The Course when it launches. And priority access to a one on one value investment in-depth coaching program. Where you’ll learn everything I know about how to value and evaluate companies.

Space is limited in both of these services and subscribers to Press On Research will get priority access to both of these services when they launch.

This all comes with a 60 day money back guarantee too. If you aren’t happy with everything you get with your year-long Press On Research subscription I demand you fire me. And I’ll give you your money back.

But you’ll still get to keep your free gifts.

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