Lionel Messi Is A Failure

Famous Failures

This post is a continuation of my Famous Failures series.  To view earlier posts in this series go to this link.

The aim of Famous Failures is to show that all successful people are failures.  And that to become great we have to fail, learn, and keep moving forward.

Lionel Messi Is A Failure

In case you don’t know the picture above is of the best football player in the world. Lionel Messi.  The Michael Jordan of soccer.

Leo Messi

The above screen capture is from this video on Famous Failures.  It’s about the best footballer in the world – and my favorite player – Lionel Messi.

Below is an excerpt from this article detailing some of the adversity he faced growing up.

But Messi is no stranger to adversity. Born with an outstanding, audacious talent, nature, almost as if re-dressing the balance, denied him the growth hormone that would permit him to grow the same as most other children.

Messi said: “When I was 11 years old they discovered that I had a growth hormone deficiency and I had to start a treatment to help me to grow.

Every night I had to stick a needle into my legs, night after night after night, every day of the week, and this over a period of three years.”

“I was so small, they said that when I went onto the pitch, or when I went to school, I was always the smallest of all. It was like this until I finished the treatment and I then started to grow properly”.

A team cut him when he was 11 due to health issues.  But he chose to work and go after his dream of playing for FC Barcelona.  In time he became the best football player in the world.  And one of the best of all time.  The info below is from Wikipedia.

He’s won 22 team championships in eight different competitions.  Has won dozens of awards including being the world’s best player a record four straight times.  And holds – and is still breaking – dozens of records around the world.


For more information on Lionel Messi read: Lionel Messi Is The Best Footballer The World Has Ever Seen.

But to really understand his greatness you need to watch him.  Below is a 6:22 video showing some of the reasons why many think he’s the best football player ever.

And to think, none of us would ever have known anything about Lionel Messi if he gave up when he first failed.

Dream big… Imagine what you can do if you keep pushing forward instead of quitting when you fail.

What do you think of Lionel Messi?  Do you admire him and the way he plays football?  Do you think he’s a failure for not winning a World Cup yet?  Or are you wrong and think Cristiano Ronaldo is a better player?

Let me know in the comments below.


2 Replies to “Lionel Messi Is A Failure”

    1. You must be a Portugal and/or Real Madrid fan 😉

      Ronaldo is great. My problem with him is his apparent arrogance. The amazing amount he whines and cries on the field every time he gets touched. And the amount of flopping he does.

      Flopping drives me insane. Especially when done as much as some players and teams do it.

      Messi is the complete opposite. He appears supremely humble. And doesn’t whine, cry, or flop every time he gets touched. He tries to fight through the tackles he receives.

      I admire both for their extreme competitiveness and work ethic to continue improving.

      I also admire Messi more and think he’s a better player because he’s more of a team player and also because of his small size. I’m about his size so seeing someone as small as me doing the amazing things he does is inspiring.

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