Excerpt From Press On Research Issue Released Tomorrow

Excerpt From Press On Research Issue Released Tomorrow

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Below is an excerpt from Press On Research issue released tomorrow.

Investing In China For The First Time In Five Years

The last time I invested in China my portfolio lost 50% of its value in a matter of months. This was more than five years ago.

But this will change today…

I’m still wary of the wide spread fraud many small Chinese companies allegedly practice.

But I’ve found a company that is so cheap its getting me to invest in China again. Even with panic and fear running through the country.

Most analysts and economists predict that China’s property market will crash. Or is already crashing. And this will lead to the entire Chinese economy crashing.

In 2007 and 2008 this is what happened in the United States. And what led to the Great Recession.

When people are afraid to invest in a market or industry I get excited. You find the best investment opportunities where people are afraid to invest.

I agree the Chinese market is beginning to show signs of crashing. And that at some point it’s stock market will tumble.

But I don’t base investment decisions on stock market or country valuation levels.

I base investment decisions on whether single companies are cheap or not.

Today’s recommendation is so undervalued. And the opportunity so great. That it’s the first company I will buy in China since 2009.

And my valuations all consider the worst case scenario of a Chinese property market meltdown.

If things don’t get as bad as analysts and economists expect than this company could be a multi bagger.

But this isn’t all the company has to offer…

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