Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live #5

Weekend Upgrades – Improve How You Think, Invest, and Live #5

NASA May Have Accidentally Created A Warp Field – “That’s the big surprise. This signature (the interference pattern) on the EmDrive looks just like what a warp bubble looks like. And the math behind the warp bubble apparently matches the interference pattern found in the EmDrive.”  As a sci-fi nerd who is fascinated by space travel I love the potential of this.

A Touch Of Evil – Lying, cheating and arrogance might be morally repugnant, but a little dose of nastiness can be a creative thing.

How Steph Curry Became The NBA’s Best Point Guard – THERE WERE TOO many bears roaming the woods behind the house and, with four daughters, far too many Barbies inside. Just before the school year ended in the early 1970s in Grottoes, Virginia, Wardell “Jack” Curry needed a solution, and fast. All he wanted was a way to keep his only son, Dell, occupied by something other than deadly animals or dolls during the long summer days ahead. As it turned out, though, with nothing more than an old utility pole, a fiberglass backboard and some fabricated steel brackets, Jack Curry ended up changing the sport of basketball and producing the ultimate point guard, his grandson Stephen Curry…

How Uday Kotak Became The Dealmaker of Dalal Street – “If what you create does not outlive you, then you have failed,” says Kotak in an interview at his new headquarters at Mumbai’s financial district of BKC. “The thing that excited me then, and that excites me now, is the fun in the journey, and not the destination.”

Billionaire.  Great capital allocator.

Article of the Week

10,000 Hours With Reid Hoffman: What I Learned – This article was written by Reid Hoffman’s former Chief of Staff.  Co-author of two books.  Friend.  And confidante.

Some of the lessons in this epic article are outlined below.  And taken from the article.

16 Lessons Learned (Among Many!)

  1. People are complicated and flawed. Root for their better angels.
  2. The best way to get a busy person’s attention: Help them.
  3. Keep it simple and move fast when conceiving strategies and making decisions.
  4. Every weakness has a corresponding strength.
  5. The values that actually shape a culture have both upside and downside.
  6. Understand someone’s “alpha” tendencies and how that drives them.
  7. Self-deception watch: even those who say they don’t need or want flattery, sometimes still need it.
  8. Be clear on your specific level of engagement on a project.
  9. Sketch three possible outcomes for a project: the likely upside, likely ‘regular’, and likely downside scenarios.
  10. A key to making good partnerships great: Identify and emphasize any misaligned incentives.
  11. Reason is the steering wheel. Emotion is the gas pedal.
  12. Trade up on trust even if it means you trade down on competency.
  13. Tell the truth. Don’t reflexively kiss ass to powerful people.
  14. Respect the shadow power.
  15. Make people genuine partners and they’ll work harder.
  16. Final: The people around you change you in myriad unconscious ways

It includes lessons he learned while working with Mr. Hoffman.  And talks about things ranging from entrepreneurship.  How to pick partners.  How to do business. How to think.  And much more.


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