I Need Your Help – Hiring Now

I Need Your Help

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a part of teams.  I played baseball and football for eight years a piece.  Ran track five years.  Played basketball four years.  And wrestled a season.

This doesn’t count the thousands of hours I spent practicing by myself.  And playing outside organized sports with friends.

This is how I spent most of my life outside school until the age of 17 when my health issues first surfaced.

I’ve always been hyper competitive so sports were a great outlet.  But this isn’t what I loved most about sports.  The teamwork and camaraderie were my favorites.  And this is why American Football is my favorite sport.

The Ultimate Team Sport

The above quote is from one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

He won four Super Bowl championships.  And played on some of the best teams in the sports history.  But he saw his job as just to deliver the ball to other players.

If you have an ace pitcher in baseball your team can dominate the other and win games with one run.  In hockey and soccer, goalies can win games by themselves if they stop everything.  And in basketball LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and other greats can win games by themselves.

But in football you need an entire team working together to win.

If you have a star quarterback on your team you have a better chance of winning than most teams.  But if his linemen don’t block, the receivers drop the balls he throws, and the defense doesn’t stop the other team, you’re not going to win.

In football each player sacrifices individual stats so the team can win.

On offense this may mean the star receiver will be a decoy for an entire game.  And only catch a couple passes instead of the normal 10 he’s accustomed to.  On defense this means if you need to fill a hole that a running back can run through you fill the hole.  Even if that means the running back gets tackled by someone else.

In American pro football it takes the 22 starters and 53 total team members to win.  One player can’t win a game no matter how great they are.  You need each other – whether you like your teammates or not – to achieve greatness.

Teamwork and working towards greatness with others is why I love football more than any sport.

I didn’t realize how much I missed teamwork, camaraderie, and working towards greatness with others until I worked at the investment newsletter last year.  And I want to do it again.

Working Toward Greatness Together

Due to severe health issues I had to teach myself how to invest.  I wasn’t able to go to college.  And I’ve not been able to play sports for the last 10 years.  So I haven’t been part of many teams since high school.

Then I worked six months in Florida as part of a great team and I remembered how much I loved being part of a team.

I worked with some of the best, smartest, and most ambitious people I’ve ever been around.  And I highlighted some of them in my post, Working With Masters.

Most worked 8 – 12 hours a day, at least five days a week, to do everything we could to grow the business.  We sacrificed “relaxing” time.  Hobbies.  And personal goals and ambitions to grow the business, help others when necessary, and win.

I loved every minute of it.  And I miss it now that I’m back on Value Investing Journey by myself.

Why I Need Your Help

Since coming back to South Dakota and relaunching the blog in March I’ve done everything myself on the blog.  From writing posts, to writing full investment analysis articles, to back-end HTML stuff for the website, to writing sales copy, and much more.

But I’m overwhelmed.  And I need your help.

To grow Value Investing Journey and Press On Research to what I want it to be, I need help from people with specific skills that I don’t have.  And to make more great content available.

The goal is to have great content available on the blog every day instead of two or three times a week like now.  To create more exclusive content for Value Investing Journey and Press On Research subscribers.  And build new products and services.

Below are some of the positions I’m looking to hire for.

  • Copywriters
  • Marketers
  • Content Writers
  • Investment Analysts
  • Managing Editors

I want to build Value Investing Journey and Press On Research into the highest quality value investment, and investing/finance education, sites in the world.  And I need the help of great people to do this.

I’m looking to hire multiple people at the positions above.

I don’t care if you have a college degree.  I don’t care what your age is.  And I don’t care if you’re a novice at any of the above.  What I do care about is that you have passion.  Are willing to work hard.  Are willing to learn.  And are willing to work with others towards greatness.

Because this is a small one person company still I won’t be able to pay you at this point.  But I will give you a percentage of the company as payment if you work at the company for more than six months.  And marketers and copywriters can be paid a percentage of all sales they bring into the company.

If you only want to contribute content on a part-time basis I’m looking for that too.

Within five years the goal for us all is that the company will be big enough to go public. Or be bought out by another company.  In either case we would be big enough to pay people.  And you would still own shares that would be very valuable.

We will work together to achieve these goals.  We will be partners and share all the profits together.  We will do great things.  And we will help change and improve people’s lives.

If you’re interested in, or know someone who may be interested in any of the above please send your CV/Resume or samples of your work to jmriv1986@gmail.com