50% Discount For One Year Press On Research Subscription

50% Discount For One Year Press On Research Subscription



The third Press On Research monthly issue comes out next Tuesday. And so far subscribers have gotten two great picks for the long-term.  Both picks are up since recommendation. Are ultra safe investments.  And still have a ton of upside left in them.But this isn’t all…Several of my picks have earned the portfolios I manage huge gains:

  • Core Molding Technologies that I bought for the portfolios I manage in 2012 is up 290% since then.
  • Strattec Security Corp is up 350% since recommending it in 2012.
  • Brazil Fast Foods got bought out, and gained 129% since I recommended it in 2012.
  • And the last company I recommended while working at the investment newsletter – and can’t name – in January is already up 40%.

Press On Research High Def

And I want more people to see these exclusive new picks and make a lot of money so I’m offering a 50% discount on a one year Press On Research subscription.  But only to Value Investing Journey subscribers.

Today I sent out a 50% discount price to all Value Investing Journey subscribers to take advantage of before the June Press On Research issue comes out next Tuesday.

And to entice you to subscribe to both, I’ve included an unedited and unfinished excerpt from the upcoming issue below.

It’s hard to find great, safe, undervalued businesses to buy…

With the stock market continuing to hit all time highs most companies fall into three categories now: Crap, fairly valued, or overvalued.

It’s even harder to find a great, safe, and undervalued business that has better margins than its competition.  But is also cheaper than its competition.

But this is the beauty of looking at smaller companies…

Most people won’t invest in them.  Even professionals.  And this means on occasion we can find great, safe, and undervalued businesses to buy.  Even with the stock market near all time highs.

Take for example the company I will tell you about today.

For every dollar in sales it does, it produces 23.6 cents of free cash.  And this has helped the company build a huge $334 million pile of cash.

As of today, 85% of its balance sheet is cash.  It has no debt.  And its current market cap is $542 million.  Or stated a different way, 63% of its market cap is net cash.

This buildup of cash not only ensures its safety.  But it also enables them to pay regular special dividends.  They’ve paid one every year since 2011.  And yields have ranged from 2% to 3.3% each year.

The above means this company is ultra safe.  And we will be paid to hold it while we wait for everyone else to catch on that this company is undervalued too.

But it is undervalued now by 35% to my minimum valuation.  And could rise as much as 45% within the next year.

This makes the company even more safe.  And means we should expect to earn even more owning this investment over time when the company rises to full value.

And none of this considers a huge trend building behind that could push the share price even higher than my conservative estimates.  The trend towards cleaner and more sustainable fuel.  And these industries are where this company does business.

But before we get to what the company is.  You need to know the business its in.  Because the business its in allows the company to produce the huge amount of cash it does.  And also is part of the reason this company is such a safe investment.

You can see what the new recommendation is.  And prior ones – both of which are still below my recommended buy up to price.  By signing up to Press On Research for one year.

And you can get a 50% discount off the normal $97 price if you become a Value Investing Journey subscriber.

As of today Value Investing Journey subscribers will be able to subscribe to Press On Research for one year at the price of only $49.  And get content and access to products worth more than $8,000 at other investment newsletters.

But this isn’t all…

When you become a Value Investing Journey subscriber you’ll also be entered to win $100 worth of prizes.  Get two free gifts that will help you evaluate companies faster.  And get exclusive subscriber only content as well.

So to subscribe to Value Investing Journey, get your 50% discount price on Press On Research, and get all the other great benefits detailed above.  You need to subscribe to Value Investing Journey here.