And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is…

We hit 200 subscribers over the 4th of July weekend to give away the following prizes:

And the winner of these great prizes that will help you continue to learn and progress towards your goals is…

Mahesh.  The beginning of your email is maheshko.

Once you send me your address I’ll send you all the prizes at my cost.

If you didn’t win don’t worry.  The next prize pool has already begun with: Monsoon – The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power added to the next giveaway when we reach 500 subscribers.

If you’re interested in global strategy.  And brief histories of global trade in Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, the rest of The Subcontinent, Indonesia, and other Pacific countries you’ll love this book.

Thanks so much for everyone who subscribers to Value Investing Journey and Press On Research.

And make sure you come back to Value Investing Journey on Wednesday.  When I’ll release the biggest single thing I’ve written since How To Value Invest.  The 17 Things That Changed My Life.