The Winner Is…

The Winner Is…

On Monday I announced that I was back from vacation.  And announced that I was doing another book giveaway.  This time immediate.

The books given away this time are Den of Thieves, Undaunted Courage, One Up On Wall Street, and Private Empire: Exxon Mobil and American Power.  And the winner is… Jane Chen.  Your email begins with jcx608.  Congratulations.

I’ll get a hold of you today for your address so I can send you the four books at my cost.

For those who didn’t win, don’t worry.  There is already another giveaway going on.  When this blog reaches 500 total subscribers between Value Investing Journey or Press On Research I’ll give away all the books mentioned here.

Already more than $100 worth of books.  This prize pool will continue to grow as I read and find more books to buy.

To subscribe to either and have your chance to win the prizes.  And also get all the other great benefits of subscribing to each as well go to the links above or below.


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