One On One Value Investment Coaching/Mentorship Program

One On One Value Investment Coaching/Mentorship Program

Another person signed up for the One on One Value Investment Coaching/Mentorship Program yesterday.  And I wanted to talk about this today since I haven’t much yet.

I’ve alluded to the coaching program in various blog posts.  And talked about the coaching program a bit on the Services I Offer page quoted below.

One on One Value Investment Coaching – This has not officially launched as of today.  But several people are already signed up for this intensive one on one coaching service.  With this program I will teach you everything I know so that you can become an excellent value investor.  Space is limited to only 10 people or companies at any one time.  So if you’re interested in this service please Contact Me.

But its time I talk more about this because space is limited to only 10 people at any time.  And I’ve gotten a lot more coaching/mentorship requests over the last several weeks.

As many of you know I wasn’t able to go to college due to severe health issues that I talked about in 17 Things That Changed My Life.  And had to teach myself everything I know about investing.

While this worked for me it took more than five years to get comfortable with what I was doing.  And I wasted a ton of time wading through useless information.

The main reason I wrote How To Value Invest was to ease this problem.  Help newer value investors learn faster by teaching them the necessities of value investing.  And condensing all this information into one book so they wouldn’t have to scour the near infinite internet alone like I did.

But self learning by books still isn’t best.  Learning with others is always better and faster.

Not only can you ask questions and get feedback on where you need to improve when working with others.  But partners can keep you motivated on days when you don’t want to learn.

This is why I announced the start of the One on One Value Investment Coaching/Mentorship Program a few months ago.

No matter how smart and driven you are; all of us need help and direction when learning.  The more help we get the faster we learn.  The faster we learn the quicker we can begin work towards achieving our goals.  And I’m to the point in my investment journey that I can help now.

This is what the One on One Value Investment Coaching/Mentorship Program is all about.

I’m offering to help any and all who want to learn to become great value investors faster.  Anything from full access for an entire year to a few hours of coaching.  The program is tailored to whatever your needs are.

If you have limited knowledge of finance and investment related terms.  But have the goal of finding, analyzing, and buying companies on your own you may want to do the year program which allows full access to me through email.  Skype.  And phone calls.

If you have a base knowledge of investment terms you may want to opt for 5 – 20 hours of coaching with more limited access through email only for feedback.

I will work with you on whatever is best for you and your goals.  Consider how fast you want to learn.  And how much you want to/can pay.

And speaking of pay, even the most in-depth program is still far cheaper than going to college for years.  Where you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree that won’t help you evaluate companies for investment.

Programs range in price from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 at the high-end if you sign up for a full year.

But like I’ve said throughout this post…  Everything is tailored to your needs.  And I won’t push you to sign up for a full year if you don’t need it.

Even if you just want to go hour by hour I’m fine with that.

Below is an example of one month of coaching I put together for one client.

Value Investing Coaching Schedule

Another client had more knowledge and just wants me to critique and give feedback on individual company analysis case study style.

If you’ve got further questions or are interested in the program and would like a quote specific to your needs contact me at with information about your knowledge level.  Goals.  Timeframe.  And budget.

And remember space is limited to only 10 people at any one time.  So right now only nine spaces remain open.