Searching For Case Studies – Turning $2 Million Into $2 Trillion

Searching For Case Studies – Turning $2 Million Into $2 Trillion

I’ve been sick this past week which is why I haven’t posted anything.

But as I’ve recovered I’ve started to look for case study candidates again and have kept hitting walls.  Every company I look at is either crap.  Way overvalued.  Or is something small I may analyze for Press On Research.

Learning happens when we’re challenged.  Not when things are easy.  And I’m having a hard time finding something to evaluate that’s challenging.  So I need your help again.

If you have any companies you want me to research and do case studies about please let me know.  Because the more we’re all involved the more we’ll learn.

Analyzing companies over and over is the best way to learn how to evaluate them for investment.  The more we do here the faster we’ll all learn.  So please let me know of any companies in the comments below.

Until then I’m posting an excellent case study done by Charlie Munger.  It’s a brilliant thought experiment on Turning $2 Million into $2 Trillion via Mungerisms.

Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below as well.