Terrible Week – Taking Some Time

Terrible Week – Taking Some Time

In the last year my wife and I have only spent three months out of twelve together.  I spent six months by myself working in Florida.  Came back to South Dakota.  Then a few months later my wife found a job in Tampa and has been down there since June.  And me and our daughters were supposed to be down to Florida sometime in late July after we bought a house.

Well its now August and we still haven’t been able to buy a house.  So stress levels for all have continued to rise.

But this week capped things off…

I started the week off with the stomach flu.  Two days ago I had to take my daughter to the emergency room.  And yesterday we were surprised by having to put my 10-year-old yellow lab down that I got for a high school graduation present.  We thought she just had a cold…  But ended up having cancer all over her body.





Kirra with my oldest daughter Rihanna when she was a baby.


Kirra with all the grand daughters.


Kirra with my youngest daughter Kailani

Other than not being able to keep any food down she was acting normal.  Wagging her tail.  And wanting to eat.  So we were in shock yesterday when we took her to the vet.  And he immediately took her to emergency surgery where he found all the tumors.

She was the best.  Most gentle dog you could ever be around.  Never mean even when being kissed, hit, or snuggled too long by the babies.  She was a loving friend and companion who would snuggle up next to me when I was at my worst dizziness wise.  Or anyone else was sick.

She was a 100 pound big baby who thought she was a tiny lab dog.  And always wanted to be near her family.

Physically everyone is fine and back to normal.  But mentally I’m fried and need to take a break.

If you have an email out to me I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Content will slow down a bit on the blog while I take a bit of a mental break.  But knowing me I’ll get the itch to write, research, and analyze again soon.

Thanks for all the memories…  Goodbye Kirra

Yellow Lab royalty-free stock photo

Picture above is a professional picture I took and edited of Kirra and uploaded to iStock photo early this year.

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  1. So sad–my dobie is 7 and I am already regreting the day he is gone and trying to figure out how to train his replacement as well as I trained him. I am 78

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