Fantasy Football Anyone?

Fantasy Football Anyone?

Life isn’t all about improvement.  Learning.  Achieving goals.  And working.  Sometimes you need a little friendly competition to stoke the imagination.  And one of my favorite things outside of investing and my family is playing fantasy football.

With the new NFL season about to start my favorite sport is coming back.  And one of my favorite things along with watching professional football is playing fantasy football with family and friends.

I’ve set up three leagues below for anyone who wants to join.  To do so click on a link below and enter your Yahoo email address.

  1. Value Investing Journey
  2. Value Investing Journey 2
  3. Value Investing Journey 3

I’m taking up a spot in each league.  So as of right there are 27 spots open.

Each league is free to join.  Will autodraft.  And auto arrange draft order to keep things fair for everyone at the start.

If you love a little friendly competition, that may not be all that friendly once competition heats up, join one of the leagues above.

Depending on how many people we get to play there may be prizes/trophies going to the winners as well.