First Sponsored Child – Look What We’ve Done In Only 9 Months

First Sponsored Child

Look What We’ve Done In Only 9 Months

Years ago when I began learning about value investing I came across Jae Jun’s great site Old School Value.  First off, if you’ve never gone to the site it’s a must read for every value investor.  And you should go read everything on the site now.

Second, there was something else that intrigued me about the site…

Most investment/finance related sites concentrate only on profits, losses, expenditures, valuation, balance sheets, etc.  This is fine.  But the ones making a difference are the ones I continue to go back to over the years.

This is why I try to help as many people as possible.  And Jae does this as well.

How?  Go to the About Page on OSV.  After you read the parts introducing Jae and his family you’ll be about halfway down the page.  Stop where it says “Our Mission and Story.”

Read all this.  And click on the links in this part of the page to learn more about how Jae and his family “sponsor” kids in countries around the world.

His goal is to sponsor more than 1,000 kids around the world over time.  And he can do this because of the money he makes from his blog and valuation software services.

I knew when I first came across sponsorship years ago that once Value Investing Journey started making money we were going to sponsor kids too.  But we’ll get back to this later.  First I need to answer the following question.

What does sponsoring a child mean?

What Does Sponsoring A Child Mean?

Value investors either have enough “excess” money to invest.  Or are working towards that goal one day at a time.  But many around the world struggle just to survive day-to-day.

These people don’t have the luxury of caring about future aspirations other than where my kid’s next meal will come from.  Or where am I going to sleep tonight.

This is where sponsoring comes in.

When you sponsor a child it means you help the child and their family by sending them money every month that will go towards education.  Clothing.  Health and dental care.  And food and other necessities for the family.

In other words you become part of the child’s family helping them to survive and thrive.

This sponsorship goes through a charitable agency who selects kids and families based on their needs.  You give the charity money.  And they take care of the logistical work.

Once you find a child you want to sponsor you can even visit the child – the charity helps with this – if you want to.  So you can see firsthand if your money’s spent well.

That’s the kind of accountability I love to see.

So what does Jae Jun sponsoring kids have to do with us here at Value Investing Journey and Press On Research?

Well because of you subscribers and readers we’ve now sponsored our first child.  And taken up Jae’s challenge to get to 1,000 sponsored kids.

Our First Sponsored Child

Meet four-year-old Mhicaella from the Philippines.  Sponsored through Children’s International.


Not only will we help support Mhicaella.  But also her younger sister and parents.  Who combined live on less than $120 a month – less than $4 a day for a family of four – in Quezon City.

Our $32 a month donation will increase this families earning power by 27% a month.  And help provide clothing, food, health and dental care, education, and shelter for her and her family.

With our help hopefully they can get ahead.  Stop just surviving.  And start building for the future.

I keep saying our and we because without you subscribing to Value Investing Journey and Press On Research.  And without you buying How To Value Invest none of this would be possible.

I’m very proud of this and I hope you are too.

I said when starting Press On Research in April that at least 5% of proceeds from all services and products would go toward charity.  Well I’m proud to say that this goal’s been exceeded.

More than 10% of proceeds from the above sources have gone to charity this year.  And I hope we’re able to up this again next year.

If you would like to donate or buy any of the products and services I offer.  Hire me for freelance work.  Again where part of proceeds go to charity.  Please contact me at either or

Thank you all so much again.  And here’s hoping for an even bigger year next year so we can sponsor more kids and do more for those in need.  Let’s continue to follow the words of Henry Ford…

To find out more information about why I’m doing this read this post.  And the Service I Offer page.

And if you have any questions or comments about any of this please let me know in the comments below.

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    1. Thanks a lot. But its really the subscribers and buyers of products and services here to thank. Without them none of this would be possible. I’m just a middle man in this case.

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