Iconix Brand Group (ICON) Investment Case Study Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis

Iconix Brand Group (ICON) Investment Case Study Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis

Researching and analyzing as many companies as you can is the best way to learn how to evaluate businesses for investment.  And evaluating companies from different industries case study style not only allows us to learn.  But also allows us to learn what our circles of competence are.

The more case studies we do the faster we learn.  And the closer we get to our goals of becoming excellent investors.

This is why I’m trying to do as many case studies as possible here.  And why I’ve asked Value Investing Journey or Press On Research subscribers to send me their recommendations for companies to analyze.

Today’s company and investment case study was recommended by Professor Andrew.

Thanks so much for subscribing and writing in with this suggestion.

Iconix Brand Groups (ICON) is a brand management company focused on owning, licensing, selling, marketing, and extending clothing stores and brands in the women’s, teen girl, sports, and entertainment segments.

Below is a list of the brands it owns and or manages.

All these brands focus on the medium to lower end of the clothing brand and cost spectrum.  And I know this arena well from my experience running an EBay store focused on selling these things.

But we’ll get back to evaluating this when we dig into the financials in the next part of this case study.

For now let’s get to the preliminary analysis of the company.

The following analysis is the preliminary analysis I do on all companies.

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If you want further explanation on anything in this video please go to the following pages.  Aramanino Foods (AMNF) Case Study Part 1 – Preliminary Analysis.  Why the P/E Ratio Is Useless and How to Calculate EV.  And Earnings Yield Explanation Video.

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