Rivera Holdings Is Now Open To Investors

Rivera Holdings Is Now Open To Investors

More than one year ago I remember sitting at a restaurant eating breakfast with my wife and two daughters nervous to tell them something I’d been thinking about for years.  And seriously building in my mind for years.

I had to tell someone else at that point to make it real.  Because until I told someone else it was all still a far away dream with no plans, no direction, and no chance of happening.

I finally got the courage up that day to tell her.

I felt like a teenager going in for their first kiss and looked into my wife’s eyes, butterflies in my stomach feeling like I was going to throw up.  I hoped when I spoke the words my voice wouldn’t crack or vomit wouldn’t come out.

The following words came out of my mouth sounding surprisingly confident…

“I’m going to start a company and raise $10 million.”

My wife looked at me in shock and almost choked on her breakfast potatoes.

She stared at me for a few seconds before responding something like “Okay… what?”

I don’t remember her exact response because of the nerves.  And because of the immense relief and excitement I felt after finally telling someone what I’d been planning in my head for years.

I felt relief and then immediate terror because I knew the amount of work I’d have to now put in to make this happen.  And since I’ve never done anything like this before I didn’t even know where to start.

So that’s what I did…  I began working and researching about what I needed to do to make this happen.

Since I began learning about value investing almost 10 years ago now I’ve planned to open a company of my own.

I’ve thought all these years about how I’d run and structure the company.  But there’s a gigantic difference between an idea of how to do something.  And what you actually need to do to execute.  I found this out the hard way when I wrote How To Value Invest.

What I thought would be a few month project turned into 10 months of work on the book.

Having gone through that process this time I didn’t put a time frame on when I wanted to open the company until I got a lot closer to finalizing things.

Fast forward almost a year where I’m still grinding to start things and the only people I’d told about what I was doing were my close family members.  And when I told them they had a similar reaction to my wife.  I saw a lot of shock and heard things like “Okay… what?” when telling anyone.

Don’t take anyone’s reaction mentioned here as a negative response though.

I’m lucky to have a close-knit family who believe in me.  But we’re a typical middle class family who looks forward to taking vacations once or twice a year.  Upgrading TV’s and computers when necessary.  And spending time together barbecuing and watching football on Sunday’s.  Talk of starting multimillion dollar companies isn’t normal in our family.

I continued to grind closer to this goal and then a few months ago as I told more people my plans I began telling them: “by the end of the year 2016 Rivera Holdings will be open.”

Fast forward another few months of work, research, and writing and we’re here today.  And I can finally tell everyone that my investment holding company Rivera Holdings is now open to investors.

I will be posting more information on the blog in the coming weeks about the company.  But if you’d like more information about becoming an investor now please fill out the form below.

And if you know you’d like to invest you need to contact me as soon as possible.  This is because due to law Rivera Holdings is only allowed to accept a set number of non-accredited investors.

Yes you read that right…

You DO NOT have to be an accredited investor to invest in Rivera Holdings.

If you’d like more information about becoming an investor in the company please fill out the form below.  Once doing this you’ll get all the details about the company and my contact information.

I will continue to post on this blog but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has ever read, commented on, emailed, or talked with me about investing.  You’ve had a gigantic positive influence on me and helping this happen.

I look forward to talking with many of you soon about becoming investors in Rivera Holdings.

Sincerely Yours,

Jason M. Rivera

Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Rivera Holdings