When Does Value Investing Work Best? Value Investing In Your Car Episode 2

When Does Value Investing Work Best? Value Investing In Your Car Episode 2

In Episode 1 of Value Investing In Your Car, I answered the question Does Value Investing Work Anywhere In The World?

But I forgot to answer the question when does value investing work best?  That’s what I’m doing today in Episode 2 of Value Investing In Your Car seen in the video below.

In the short 13 minute video I answer the above question and these other ones…

  • Why value investing works best in certain situations?
  • When was the last time I bought a new stock?… Hint – it’s almost 3 years ago now.
  • Why haven’t I bought a new stock in so long?
  • What have I been doing since?
  • Why have I been doing these things?
  • Are valuations high around the world?  Hint – Yes, valuations across the board and across the globe the highest they’ve been since 1900.

When was the last time you bought a stock?  How often are you still finding value in your own research?

I’d love to hear your responses here as value investing is a bit of a bubble when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Oh and before I forget, below is the link talked about during the video where I talk about valuations being at all-time highs since 1900, if you wanted to read this and gain more context.

This article is from Goldman Sachs.

According to Goldman valuations across the board – stock markets, real estate, bonds – are at the highest levels they’ve been at since 1900.  And this is around the world.

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