Announcing The Launch of The Value Investing Training Vault

Announcing The Launch of The Value Investing Training Vault

I’ve said this several times in the past months and its true again today…

Today, I’m announcing something I’ve wanted to do for years. But until recently – with my team coming on board – haven’t had the time to work on.

Today, we’re announcing the release of the Value Investing Journey Training Vault.

I know that more people out there want to learn how to become great value investors but can’t afford the $10,000 coaching programs available.

And I want to help people across ALL financial spectrums learn the ultra-valuable skill of value investing and business analysis.

So in light of all this, this training vault will have exclusive – and never released – training sessions from past clients.

And yes, this includes video sessions from my $10,000 coaching programs.

In just 6 weeks of these training sessions, this particular client went from minimal value investing knowledge to being able to find companies he wants to research further, to doing full preliminary analysis on these companies, to reading ALL financial statements and valuing these companies by himself.

This is only after 10 sessions over 6 weeks of time.

And I’m releasing these and many more exclusive video training sessions today so you can do the same.

All at a fraction of the cost of this $ 10,000 year-long training program.

But I’m doing even better than that.

I’m giving you $3,991 worth of value in 14 days for FREE just to get you to try this.

In the first 14 days after you sign up for the Training Vault you’ll have access to ALL the following things…

  • 23 video training sessions with more than 3 hours of content which I value at more than $2,500.
  • The majority of these videos are from the $10,000 coaching session.
  • The rest are from other video training sessions with past clients.
  • Plus you’ll gain access to my exclusive preliminary analysis checklist which I value at $597.
  • You’ll also gain access to my exclusive research procedure document valued at $597.
  • And also the Value Investing Journey Glossary of Terms valued at $297.

And this is just in the first 14-day trial period of owning the Training Vault.

Before you have to pay anything.

If you decide to keep your subscription after the 14 days, you’ll gain access to ALL past, present, and future training sessions as new ones become available for as little as $97 a month.

Plus, you’ll gain access to new videos as they become available, along with new resources and exclusive training sessions.

In other words, I’m giving you $3,991 worth of valuable knowledge, skills, and resources today that you can keep even if you don’t continue after the first 14 days.

Plus, you’ll gain access to more exclusive sessions, resources, and videos after the 14-day period as they become available.

Your credit card WILL NOT be charged until the 14-day trial is up.

Below is a quick video detailing all of what you’re going to get during this 14-day FREE trial and some of the other resources and videos you’ll gain access to after the 14-day trial is up.

The total value of JUST the current content in the Training Vault is worth well north of $10,000 and you get this all for only $97 per month. Plus, we’re going to add more exclusive training sessions and videos as time goes.

To gain access to these resources worth $3,991 and begin your 14-day FREE trial today, go here.

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