The Next GE – Interview #2 With Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast

The Next GE – Interview #2 With Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast

In the first interview I did with Eric Schleien of The Intelligent Investing Podcast in 2016, we talked about more general value investing concepts, mindsets and processes.

In today’s interview, we talk about an investment I made in 2015 that I called ‘The Next GE’.

In the 27 – minute interview linked below, we go over this investment case study style that I recommended in October 2015 exclusively to Press On Research subscribers.

We do this to figure out a couple of things…

  • Why I titled this company’s recommendation issue ‘The Next GE’
  • Why they’re now up 460% as of this writing since I recommended them

Some of the other things we also talk about in the interview are…

  • Valuation
  • How this company compared to its competition
  • Where I found this company
  • How I found this company
  • How you can find extreme value in the small cap OTC and ADR arenas
  • And more

Here is the description of the interview from Eric’s podcast site…

In this interview, Eric Schleien goes through an investment case study Jason Rivera recommended to his subscribers and for the portfolios he manages about a small and obscure company that has almost tripled since 2015.

When he recommended them, he titled the issue The Next GE and in this interview we go over why he thought that.

His podcast has interviews with other great up and coming value investors as well so make sure to listen to them.

You can listen to the interview here if you don’t have iTunes.

Or you can listen here if you do have iTunes.

Make sure to follow Eric on Twitter, and subscribe to his great podcast when listening to either of the above places.

I hope you enjoy and find some great value in the interview.

Oh, and by the way…

If you listen to the interview, you also get a couple of free resources to learn from that I provided exclusively to listeners of this interview.

One I’ve never released before other than to paying subscribers.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 and let me know your thoughts on this company in the comments below once you listen to the interview and download the FREE resources.

P.S. The analysis I did on this – and EVERY company I evaluate – is based on the preliminary analysis template I developed over the last 11 years, and after evaluating thousands of companies. If you’d like a copy of this to do your own preliminary analysis, you can get yours for free here.

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