Value Investing In Your Car Episode 4 – My Third Daughter Being Born Today

Value Investing In Your Car Episode 4 – My Third Daughter Being Born Today

In Episode 1 of Value Investing In Your Car, I answered the question Does Value Investing Work Anywhere In The World?

In Episode 2, I answered the question – When Does Value Investing Work Best?

In Episode 3,I told you about the best book I read in 2017 along with some other great books I read in 2017.

Today, we’re doing something a bit different and completely unrelated to value investing, finance, learning, business, or anything else we regularly talk about here.

In today’s episode, I talk about my personal life and specifically my third daughter being born today, what that means to me, and how my family impacts my life and everything I do.

I hope you enjoy the 15-minute video below.

Some of the other stuff talked about in this video…

  • The power of value investing and a valuable skill set to change your life.
  • How 3 magic words changed the entire direction of my life and set me on the path I’m still on today.
  • The power of family, drive, direction, passion, and necessity.
  • The need to have something outside of yourself to push you to become your best self.

I’ll post pictures of the newest Rivera child on the blog later as I get time.

I’d love to hear see in the comments below how your family, wife, husband, kids, or an outside force helped shape you and helped you become the person you’re meant to become.

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