April 2016 Press On Research Issue – The Power And Importance of Investment Float

In this issue I recommended a company to the paid subscribers of Press On Research in April 2016.I recommended it for several reasons… Some of which are below..

I recommended it for several reasons and some are below..

  • It’s in one of my favorite industries to invest in.
  • It operates completely on investment float.
  • It was undervalued by a substantial margin.
  • It produced consistent underwriting profits.
  • It produced consistent profitable combined ratios.
  • It produced consistent cumulative redundancies.
  • It has ultra-conservative managers.
  • And more.

To find out what this great company is, make sure to buy the issue below.

Since recommending this company in April 2016, this position is down as of this writing 5%.

In this issue, I go into great detail on how to value and evaluate insurance businesses and investment float.  If you’re looking to learn about insurance companies this is a great issue to buy.

Conclusion and Further Recommended Reading – On Float Part 7

Conclusion and Further Recommended Reading – On Float Part 7 This post is the last one in the On Float series started way back on February 2nd 2016.  Yes that date is correct.  I posted the first article in this series Charlie Munger On Deferred Tax Liabilities and Intrinsic Value – On Float Part 1 seven months ago. …