Value Investment Case Study #1

Below are the links to download the most recent quarterly and annual reports for the first blind value investment case study on this blog.  As I stated in one of my previous posts about this I redacted all identifying information about this company so all you will have to rely on is what is found in the financials.

The only information I am going to give you that is not in the financials is that as of this past Friday the company has a current market cap of $4.7 million.

I will not post my analysis until at least a few of your analysis write ups posted in the comments section of this post and I am not looking for a full 7-20 page write-up.  The main things I am going to post about when I write my analysis is valuations, pros and cons, and if I would invest in the company.  If I would at what price do I estimate its intrinsic value to be and at what price would I buy into them.  If I wouldn’t buy into them why not.

I hope that we will all learn a lot from this by seeing each others analysis and helping each other out to see where we could improve.  I also hope that these kinds of exercises will help keep all of our skills fresh while we wait for a market drop.

I hope to see a lot of write ups and hope this is a good exercise for us all.  If you are able to figure out which company this report is (or in case I missed some kind of identifying information to redact) please do not post about it until after the company is revealed.  Also, if you have any suggestions for the next case study please let me know what you think could improve this process for us all.  The financials are directly below.

Case Study #1 3Q 2013 10Q

Case Study #1 2013 10K